Collection of videos by Edward Garren, MFT and others explaining issues relating to Family, Mental Health and Recovery.
In the middle 1950's, playwright Lorraine Hansberry wrote her groundbreaking play
"A Raisin in The Sun"
which received numerous accolades and awards.  In 1961, it was made into a film, starring Sidney Poiter, Ruby Dee, Claudia McNeil, etc.  That film affected me deeply.
A second film was made in 2008, starring Sean Combs and Phylicia Rashad.
But only the version made in 1989 for PBS, celebrating the 25th anniversery of the play, presented the FULL original play. This version has Danny Glover and Esther Rolle.  It is my favorite version, for it's power and realism, exploring the subtlties of poverty, race, class, and the expectations about life held by "first generation" immigrants and their children.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, and the many truths about "family" that it offers.
Part One   ~   Part Two
Dr. Brene' Brown offers perspectives on how shame and the fear of revealing ourselves has become a national epidemic.
 "The Power of Vulnerability."  AND  "Listening to Shame."  AND  "You might be afraid and not know it."
AND "Joy: It's terrifying" Why we flee from joy in our lives.
Spiritual Teacher Panache Desai offer one of the best descriptions of "The Soul" and "God" that I've heard in a long time.  The point being that both are limitless, beyond measure, eternal and infinite.
Alan Downs, author of "The Velvet Rage" speaks of Shame in Gay men, and how it affects every aspect of life.    These issues relate to all humans, not just Gay men, but the "closet", having to constantly live a life of lying and hiding, particularly as children, wreaks havoc on our abilities to form meaningful relationships.
"Disassociative Identity Disorder" also known as "Multiple Personality Disorder" is much more prevelant than most people realize.  Here is a very good 5 part article about an extreme case of D.I.D.
Chris Costner Sizemore the woman "Three Faces of Eve" (link to full movie, made in 1957) is about.  Ms. Sizemore is the first documented case of Disassociative Personality Disorder (formerly known as "Multiple Personality Disorder") in history.
Grace Ahn, MSW presents a history lesson regarding Multi Generational Trauma in the Korean and Korean American community.  Three parts, watch them all.
Gert Behannah ~ "The Late Liz" tells her story of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. Ms. Behannah got sober in the "Oxford Group" in the mid 1940s.  The Oxford Group was the precursor to Alcoholics Anonymous.  This is a powerful recording with regard to Christianity, Spirituality and Recovery.  This recording is almost 60 years old, but still very timely.  
The legendary "Clancy I." who is over 50 years sober, tells his story of hitting bottom and recovery.  With great wit, and a vigours ability to laugh at his own foibles, he tells his story at an A.A. meeting in Laguna Beach California.
One of the major contributors to both anxiety and depression in our current society is due to the staggering Inequality of Wealth in America.  Most of us don't really understand that this country is fast becoming a "third world" nation, and that we have been charmed, swindled and cheated by the political party that generally represents (only) the financial interests of the very rich in this country.  This simple video shows with basic graphics how some people can spend $50,000 for dinner with a presidential candidate who berates people who work for a living.  Video of those comments at that dinner/fundraiser is here.
Edward Garren, MFT talks about "Multi Generational Family Issues" in families.
Edward Garren, MFT talks about "Family Secrets, Guilt & Shame."  
Edward Garren, MFT talks about "Types of Mental Health Practitioners, What all those letters mean."
Edward Garren, MFT shares his "Thoughts About Taking (psychotropic) Medication."
Edward Garren, MFT talks about how humans utilize our "Emotions and Intellect" to function in life.  This video also explains the relationship between these functions and child/human development.
Edward Garren, MFT presents "Lots of Fear," a conversation about how our culture creates internal conflict in many people, and how people use their intellect and their fears to try to blot out their emotions.
Edward Garren, MFT talks about "Guilt & Shame" and shares the difference between the two, and the ways that these emotions can work against us in our adult life.
Edward Garren, MFT talks about "Family Dysfunction and Family Secrets."
I hope you enjoy these.
There are other presentations on my You Tube channel.  
Oh, i've lost most of the "gut", over 30 pounds since these were recorded.